5 ways to manage your blood pressure

5 Ways to manage your blood pressure

Lifestyle plays an important role in the steps to control your blood pressure. Your blood pressure depends on the amount of blood pumped by your heart and the resistance the arteries produce to the blood flow. The narrower your artery the higher is your blood

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Prostate cancer

How to identify prostate cancer

The prostate is a little walnut-shaped gland in the pelvis of men. It is located next to the bladder and can be tested by getting a digital rectal exam. Prostate Cancer is the second-highest cause of death in men in the U.S. There are no

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blog-health checkup

5 Reasons why regular health check-up is important

A generation ago, people used to consult a doctor only when they were ill or had any critical condition. Preventive health care has become more common as people have become more educated and empowered about their full body checkups. People are seeking medical advice in

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8 interesting ways to handle stress

8 Interesting ways to handle stress

Stress is our body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can be as a result of any event or thought that makes you feel angry or frustrated. Prolonged untreated stress can have negative effects on

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Clean Eating: How to eat clean?

Eating habits show your table manners in front of the public. Clean eating is the essence of diet -just a way of eating. But it is also a way of living that leads to improved health and well-being. Consuming whole food and avoiding convenience food

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Vitamin C

10 awe-inspiring ways Vitamin C can help you

Vitamin C is a particularly important nutrient with several benefits that it can give to your body. It is a potent antioxidant which helps neutralize free radicals and prevent cellular damage caused by them. Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is of course present in

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metally exhausted

How to know if you are mentally exhausted?

When you work or study for a long time without a break or if you are suffering from any mental conditions, or when you spend most of your day dealing with overwhelming responsibilities that take up most of your mental energy, you may experience mental

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