PRP/ Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP/ Platelet Rich Plasma

There are no limits to beauty. Women have been using extreme efforts for years to achieve femininity, beauty, and attraction. Women just can’t quit trying everything from fish pedicures to bee venom. On the other hand, a vampire facial is really a formula for skin revival. 


What is PRP? 

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is obtained by drawing your blood, centrifuging it to remove the white blood cells and red blood cells, and then collecting the platelet-rich plasma. The growth factors in this plasma are nutrient-rich and help promote collagen production, among other advantages.


What is a Vampire Facial?  

A vampire facial is a skin-rejuvenation procedure that includes micro-needling and your own blood. These cutting-edge facial aims to enhance your skin’s overall texture and tone. 


How does PRP/Vampire Facial work?

Let’s look at the following steps of the treatment procedure: 

  • Step 1 (Preparation) 

The treatment area has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready for the vampire facial. Additionally, local anesthesia is used throughout the entire procedure; a numbing cream is typically applied topically to reduce discomfort.

  • Step 2 (Collection of Plasma for PRP Facial) 

During the procedure, a small amount of blood will be drawn from the veins in your arm. The protein-rich plasma in your blood is separated using a centrifuge. All that is needed for a vampire facial is the growth factor-rich plasma that rejuvenates your skin. 


  • Step 3 (Micro-needling + Topical Application of Plasma) 

Your aesthetician pricks your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck with a micro-needling tool that has needles with extremely fine spokes. The ability of plasma to penetrate the skin deeply and stimulate collagen production depends on this. 

In addition, micro-needling is powerful enough to promote collagen production on its own. Your face may feel a little sore and bruised after the micro-needling. 

One plasma splatter is all it takes to achieve flawless, young-looking skin. Your face is covered in platelet-rich plasma to deceive your skin into thinking it needs to heal. As a result, your skin produces collagen to begin the process of regeneration and restoration.


How many treatments must someone receive to get the best results? 

We advise 2-3 treatments spaced out by 30 days if you have any significant issues, such as hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Depending on the condition of your skin, maintenance after that consists of one treatment every 6–12 months. 


Top Benefits of Vampire Facial 


A Natural Facial! 

A vampire facial treats your skin with blood plasma rather than potentially harmful chemicals. You can be sure that you have avoided common facial problems and are getting natural skin rejuvenation. 


Get Rid of Your Acne Scars

Even just dealing with whiteheads, blackheads, and acne can be difficult. The scars left over from acne are the next thing that constantly reminds you of your past skin problems. A plasma facial, however, can effectively lighten scars, which is good news. 


Boost your face volume 

The PRP facial is the best treatment to encourage your skin’s natural collagen production. It not only promises to get rid of your wrinkly, sagging skin but also delays the appearance of age-related symptoms in the future! Additionally, your face receives the necessary volume. 


Take time to enjoy your new skin 

Good outcomes also imply long-lasting outcomes. Long-lasting skin benefits can also be obtained through a natural process like platelet-rich plasma therapy. Instead of spending money on those expensive and unpromising skincare products, schedule a true skin-rejuvenating experience. Your results can be enjoyed for a year or two, so it is a worthwhile investment. 

So, if you are looking for flawless skin, you can get your best Vampire Facial service at BitCare. Book your appointment right away!