HydraFacial Aftercare


HydraFacial Aftercare

We all have skin problems that we want to improve. Perhaps you have acne-prone skin, or perhaps you have dry skin, especially in the winter. Certain areas of your face may have hyperpigmentation or dark spots. No matter the problem, HydraFacial is the solution to make your skin healthy and attractive. 

What does a HydraFacial do? 

A HydraFacial is a sophisticated, potent procedure that minimizes pores by gently exfoliating the skin, hydrates and nourishes the skin, and stimulates collagen production. With the help of cutting-edge, patented technology, this customized treatment can benefit teenagers and adults as well as all skin textures and types.  

The cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and moisturizing procedures with nourishing serums give your skin a pleasing glow in about 30 to 45 minutes. Patients can start improving their skincare immediately and without any downtime, and they can enjoy instant results. 

Can I benefit from a HydraFacial? 

HydraFacial treatments are customized to your skin’s condition. Some patients want to treat dull or uneven skin, while others require help with fine lines, large pores, or hyperpigmentation. It is adaptable to the specific skin issues or requirements of each patient.  

Our skin care specialists at BitCare MedSpa and Wellness Clinic will evaluate your skin during your appointment and provide a detailed description of the procedure, including the proper serums required for your session. The best options are selected for this potent treatment to hydrate and nourish your skin, and we offer excellent personalized care to every one of our clients. 

Aftercare Tips: 

The Hydrafacial takes less than an hour to complete, and no downtime is necessary. After the procedure, you can immediately return to regular activities. Below are some of the recommended aftercare to maintain the results. 

1. Use a Delicate Cleanser 

Use a mild cleanser bare of toxic ingredients, alcohol, and fragrance. Pick a moisturizer suitable for your skin type that will leave your face feeling soft and moisturized after the treatment. Additionally, stay away from scrubs and other exfoliating products. The particles can irritate and cause redness, pain, and even injury if rubbed rough on delicate areas. 

2. Do not wear makeup on treatment day 

When you have your treatment, avoid wearing makeup. Makeup can block pores and trap dirt inside them, which, if left untreated, can result in further problems. Waiting 48 hours (or even longer if you feel it’s necessary) before applying makeup again is advised for people with sensitive skin or prone to acne breakouts. 

3. Avoid waxing and laser treatments 

After receiving a HydraFacial, it is suggested that you don’t have laser and waxing procedures. Waxing and laser treatments that irritate the skin may make your recovery longer. Give your skin at least two weeks to recover and regenerate after this facial treatment before undergoing any additional cosmetic procedures on your face. 

4. Apply sunscreen  

After receiving HydraFacial treatment, we advise staying out of the sun for at least 48 hours and using daily sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ to shield yourself from harmful UV rays! Apply sunscreen liberally for at least 15 minutes before venturing outdoors, and then reapply every two hours. 

All skin types can benefit from a HydraFacial treatment, which is quick and efficient. In addition to delivering moisturizing serums to the skin, the procedure removes impurities and dead skin cells. Acne, dark spots, wrinkles, rough skin, breakouts, large pores, and thinning skin are just a few of the conditions it treats. In order to achieve the best results, we advise you to follow the aftercare and other recommendations discussed by our provider during your consult.

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