Cryoskin Therapy

Cryoskin Therapy

Cryoskin Therapy

If you are looking to lose your excess fat, cellullite and get the results of facelift all non-invasively and safely, Cryoskin Therapy is your solution. Cryoskin is non-invasive procedure with no downtime that uses a temperature controlled wand to help you lose those extra inches and get a toned and tightened look.  

CryoSlimming: This treatment helps lose fat in many body areas. It uses a massaging technique, operating at different temperatures to promote the appearance of smooth skin and reduced cellulite. It contrast cryolipolysis by combining heating and cooling to reduce the fat cells and make the body look slimmer. 

CryoToning:  helps reduce cellulite and tighten and smoothen the skin areas lacking elasticity by using cold temperature application. It increases the oxygenated blood flow to the treatment area that tightens and smoothens the skin.

CryoFacial: Is also a toning procedure for the face and neck. It helps with wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation makeing the skin look fresher and younger. 

The science behind the method: 

In cryoslimming, you will experience a contrast cryo lipolysis. Firstly, the operator uses a special wand to heat the treatment area, and then cools it down to zero temperature, and at the end of the session, the fat cells in the treatment area will get a thermal shock due to the temperature rise.  

CryoSlimming, cryotoning, or cryofacial which one is the best for you? 


CryoSlimming treatment is a non-invasive body contouring treatment and comfortable treatment. This treatment involves reducing fat cells by using temperature shock and cold the wanted area.  

This treatment may be used in the body areas like the abdomen, thighs, upper back, arms, and hips.  

During the treatment, the operator uses a special wand. First, the treatment starts with a warming fat paddle for some time, and then the wans start to cool to zero temperatures. A technician helps by applying deeper layers of the skin to reduce the fat and then heating again. Every session takes 30-35 minutes. Most of the patients can see the results after the 3-4 sessions of the treatment. This treatment includes 5 treatment sessions.  

It’s better to treat only one area for one session. Different treated areas are treated in order. For example, for the first five-session, you can take for legs and then for another body area for the next five sessions.  


CryoToning helps in tightening the skin and fighting signs of ageing. It tightens and smoothens the skin. The females, with 80%-90%, notice orange peel development in the body areas of the thighs and buttocks.  

Compared to cryoslimming, this treatment is more comfortable and gentler. It aims dermis of the skin only. By using this treatment, you can treat body areas, including the skin of the legs, arms, buttocks, and abdomen.  

It takes time up to 30 mins for one session. You can take this treatment 5 sessions per week for better and fast results. You can see the sustainable results after the third and fourth sessions. 


CryoFacial is a treatment that aims to tone the skin of the face and neck. The lab technician applies the gel to the treated area and the cooled wand.   

The treatment increases microcirculation, collagen, and elastin production, making the skin look younger, brighter, and smoother. It also helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.  

It takes time 20 minutes for the overall treatment. You can see the results immediately after the treatment. It includes 5 sessions, mainly depending on the patient’s age. People under 45 need this treatment once per week, and people above 45 need it twice per week. The better and good results take this treatment over some time. 

Who is an ideal candidate? 

Undergoing the best probability of success, applicants for Cryoskin should have “pinchable” fat. However, this treatment is not meant for those with diabetes, cancer, poor circulation and pregnant women. 

Additionally, those who meet the criteria for this surgery, such as:   

  • People who already maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen (or are willing to adopt one to maintain the results).  
  • People who want to reduce their body fat in specific areas where exercise has little effect.  
  • Anyone who needs a procedure can have it done over their lunch hour and then go back to work. 

Tips to get better Results: 

  • Avoid all types of sugar foods 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Do not sleep after the treatment 
  • Continue exercising and take the proper diet before and after the treatment. 

Investing in Cryoskin treatments is a great way to give back to yourself and look and feel your best. Make an appointment with us right away! 

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