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I'm desperate to lose weight but nothing works!

Do you face these common problems?

  • I have no self-control.
  • I’ve lost my willpower.
  • I’m not motivated enough.
  • I can’t stop eating.
  • No diet works for me.
  • I gain the weight right back.

You are not alone...

Our approach is different.

We find the root cause of the problem. We perform in-depth lab tests, 3D body composition analysis, metabolic rate analysis, nutritional deficiencies test, DNA Diet and Exercise test, Biological Age test and etc. A deep dive analysis, followed by a consultation with the doctor, understanding your goals and lifestyle to create a program that fits your schedule – for you to lose fat fast & for good.


Being overweight is another cause of premature aging. Carrying excessive weight causes oxidative stress, or “rusting,” to our cells resulting in telomere shortening and premature aging. Studies show that maintaining an ideal body weight can lengthen our telomeres by 9 years.

Our ultimate goal is to reverse your Biological Age by at least 3 years.

Why? Biological age plays a major role in how you feel and function. Biological age is malleable and can be reversed, allowing you to look and feel younger than your chronological age.

Limited spots available for this program. Click here to book your free consultation.

Transform your life programs


Step 1

Free consultation & Free Styku 3D Body Analysis


Step 2

Pick a Program


Step 3

Commit to your time

The steps in detail

Step 1

All our patients get complimentary consultation and 3D Body scanner

3D Health Screens

  • Simple & quick 3D scan
  • Predicts health risks
  • No handles to touch/clean or block the sensors
  • Integrated medical-grade scale
  • Stunning 2D/3D before/after visual
  • Body Fat Ranking by Age/Gender
  • Estimate BMR and Daily Expenditure
  • Based on WC and WtHR from WHO
  • Set Inch-loss (or cm-loss) goals

This step helps you see visually your body composition and health risks* – and for us to access appropriate plans to suggest and create.

*This is not a comprehensive health risk assessment but a preliminary assessment from Styku 3D body scanner device using AI. Full comprehensive assessment would include in-clinic tests and CLIA certified molecular laboratory tests.