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Viora Contouring at Bitcare

Viora body contouring treatment triggers a micro-inflammatory process that encourages the development of fresh collagen, a healthy protein that maintains the smoothness and suppleness of our skin. This technique tightens and firms the skin surface. These treatments are incredibly effective at reducing fat pockets because they control how the skin breathes and deliver radiofrequency energy to skin depths. This treatment is safe for all skin types and tones. Smooth, constrained, and more youthful-looking skin is the result. Additionally, fat cells shrink, and cellulite becomes less noticeable, enhancing your natural beauty. 

Procedure length

45 Min

Recovery Time




How does it work?

You will experience a rush of warmth when the Viora handpiece is used, which is a sign that the collagen is reaching the proper temperatures for tightening. The amount of heat and vacuum used throughout the Viora body contouring operations will be determined by how comfortable you are with each. The handpiece’s tip has a cooling mechanism to shield the skin’s surface. You will be questioned about how much heat you feel during the operation in order to balance your comfort with the best possible outcomes. Heat is necessary to tighten the collagen and promote the development of new collagen. 

What does it treat?








You will start noticing your skin looking more refreshed and smoother with results lasting from 3-4 months. 

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This treatment is pain-free and no topical anesthesia is required. 

While you may feel a pleasant heat, the treatment is non-invasive, virtually painless, and requires no downtime.

Your body can be reshaped naturally without surgery thanks to the non-invasive Viora therapy for skin tightening and fat reduction. It combines vacuum therapy with radiofrequency waves to encourage collagen renewal and natural fat burning. 

Patients normally require 4 to 8 sessions for the best results; however, it is crucial to remember that each patient's response to therapy and outcomes will differ depending on the degree of cellulite. A precise treatment plan for cellulite reduction will be discussed during your initial consultation and evaluation. 

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