Fire & Ice Facial Treatment at BitCare in Frisco, Texas

Hydrate your skin with Fire & Ice Facial

How does it work?

You can anticipate a multi-step procedure that includes two masque applications when you treat yourself to a Fire & Ice Facial. The two-step procedure includes two masque applications. First, it consists of a hot-feeling resurfacing mask made of glycolic acid and retinol. After that, apply a mask that hydrates your skin and feels cool and soothing. The facial will soften, smooth, and resurface your skin in just one 30-minute session.

Fire & Ice Facial at BitCare

The intensive exfoliating peel and the luxurious facial that make up the Fire & Ice Facial is combined into one treatment. Your skin will be smoother and healthier after resurfacing, with wrinkles diminished and clogged pores cleaned. The Fire & Ice Facial alters the skin at the cellular level, altering more than just how the skin looks and feels.

What does it treat?




Pore size


Dark circles

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It will take about 30 minutes to complete your facial treatment, and you will feel and see results immediately! In addition, you can anticipate having a lighter and more refined complexion when you leave than when you enter.

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It takes 35-45 minutes to complete the two-step Fire and Ice process.

Your skin should appear smoother after resurfacing, with fine lines and wrinkles reduced and any acne scars appearing lighter.

You might experience mild redness immediately following treatment because of the resurfacing peel. Midtown Med Spa advises a sunscreen with an SPF of 20 or higher to protect your skin. Long-term sun exposure is also not advised (for at least 72 hours after this facial treatment).