Spectrum Laser/IPL System in Plano

Spectrum Laser/IPL System

A multi-platform workstation that includes 4 lasers and an IPL.

Why the Spectrum?

The Spectrum is the perfect Laser/IPL system for sharing or for doctors who practice in multiple locations. The system can be placed in the SUV’s trunk or back and splits easily into two pieces.


Spectrum Laser/IPL System at Bitcare

There are 4 broadband filters in Spectrum’s IPL. Each filter emits non-coherent energy directed at different chromophores—non-ablative and gentle treatments. As a result, patients who use the Spectrum IPL have healthy skin that looks younger, thanks to its efficacy and versatility.

How does it work?

In order to treat skin, the Spectrum Laser/IPL system employs a wide range of light wavelengths. In order to create a more uniform complexion, the light is pulsed onto the skin, where the heat is absorbed by the pigment cells that produce too much of it, such as the brown and red cells.

It also benefits the skin by promoting collagen production for a more even skin tone. IPL is a non-ablative treatment because no skin removal is required during the procedure. No downtime is required, so you can quickly return to your normal routine.

What does it treat?

Hair growth

Hair Removal


Spider Veins


Tattoo Removal

A woman with her eyes closed, enjoying a foaming enzyme facial treatment, with gentle bubbles on her skin.


You can feel and see the results as soon as you complete your first session. Positive outcomes are typically seen within two to four weeks following your fourth session, and they will keep improving for a few weeks after the treatment cycle.

Before and After

Spectrum Laser/IPL System at BitCare

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Several side effects of spectrum treatments includes redness, swelling, and minor bruising.

The majority of patients react well to treatments. An audible snapping sound could be felt as the thermal energy interacts with its target and the light is absorbed. The skin may feel pretty warm, but not painfully hot as the treatment progresses. Patients say their treatments are painless or only slightly uncomfortable at times.

People of all ages and skin types with dull skin can get benefit from it.