Addiction — it’s one of the most troubling epidemics in the U.S. On the rise with no indication of slowing down, it’s in every state and affecting everyone. Whether it’s a soccer mom or former cheerleader, even celebrities are falling victim to this rampant problem.

We’re talking about addiction. The pandemic that is taking over how homes, streets, and businesses more and more people are finding them caught in the prison of chemical dependence.

Unfortunately, no one is safe. Whether you live with an addict or you are one, there’s not a person left who hasn’t been affected by drugs in some way. What’s worse is trying to understand how to reverse the problem. So many addicts don’t understand the prison that they’ve locked themselves in. Once there, it’s not easy to come back.

What is the latest research saying and how do we implement the findings into reversing this epidemic and helping the people we love? Or even, ourselves? Treatment of addiction is not perfect. We see relapses and criminality all the time. Missing key points and key information, we are simply not equipped to handle the issues we face without more knowledge on the matter.

Getting to the Bottom of It

Research of how the brain works, the reward system, and why people are becoming addicts at such an alarming rate is answering questions for curious minds. Why is addiction so hard to fight?

As more information becomes available it is beginning to point to Genetics. That’s right, a plausible explanation for those who are destroying their lives, and the lives of the ones they love are in the genes.

Finding a genetic precursor to this epidemic is the first step to combatting it. Recently, Ben Affleck opened up to the New York Times in a candid and informative piece about his fight with dependence.

Ruining his marriage, his self-esteem, and his identity, he is bravely publicizing his fight back. With a plethora of behavioral issues and alcoholism, this Oscar-Winning A-list star is spreading the word that’s addiction is not as simple as it seems.

It’s so easy to say; “just quit” or “put the bottle down.” As you may know, if this were a realistic option, our country wouldn’t be facing this current crisis.

With underlying problems that are not being addressed, it is the addict against society, and against themselves.

Innovation and Addiction

Understanding the molecular biology of human beings is leading scientists to isolate gene sequences that correlate with addiction and behavioral issues.

A remarkable revelation; highlighting the effects of DNA and genetics on the lives of addicts is paving the way for new products and services that can help the addicted. More than just therapy and incarceration, these new findings are enlightening scientists on how to treat and identify addiction.

Ben Affleck took the test and discovered that he does have gene sequences matching those affecting addiction and behavioral problems. This understanding allows him to better understand how his brain is wired towards problematic situations.

Describing a “constant discomfort,” the actor expresses that he would do anything to make it go away. His compulsive behavior found relief through alcohol, whereas others have found relief through narcotics, gambling, and sex.

With shame and embarrassment from so many relapses and so much time in rehab, the star admits that he has made mistakes, but feeling shame for those mistakes is not helpful to his recovery. He is, therefore, focusing on getting the proper medical treatment that is based on scientific research and specializes in handling this specific problem.

As he opens up about his grandmother and uncle’s suicides, the correlation becomes more apparent. There are mental health problems and addiction in his close family. How do we, as a society begin to repair the most broken and vulnerable people in our society?

Getting the Answers

As genetic testing and “at-home” kits become more popular, there is an option available without going to your local geneticist and getting tested. Understanding addiction and behavior is the key to the front door of treatment.

The DNA test that assesses the individual genetic makeup of you or your loved one is available and known as a Genetic Addiction Risk Score (GARS).

As mentioned above, Affleck describes an uncomfortable feeling that wouldn’t go away without some sort of vice. I believe it’s genetic what Affleck was going through. The Affleck effect it’s not just for him but for others as well who are going through similar situations.

This is an indicator of Reward Deficiency Syndrome. A known brain disorder, this syndrome does not allow the proper flow of dopamine (controls happiness and mood) through the nervous system. Without the proper regulation of this chemical, the victim must provide other means of happiness and mood regulation. Often, this is drugs and alcohol.

Our Addiction and Behavior DNA test is the FIRST and ONLY patented test (under Genetic Addiction Risk Score (GARS)) that will accurately identify the factors that contribute to the vulnerability of so many people. Highlighting Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors, impulsive characteristics, and personality disorders, this test gives real answers.

The BitCare (please, visit Addiction and Behavior Test Kit can report the following information:


From food to alcohol and opioids, identify DNA that contributes to most addictions. If you’re found to have one of these genetic markers, what steps can you take today to combat your risks?


Identifies risks for self-harm and hoarding type behaviors. Learning about how your brain and chemical makeup affect your risks for unhealthy and dangerous behaviors will allow you to seek the right treatment.


ADD/ADHD, Tics, IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder) & ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) with other behavior-related issues.

Personality Disorder

PTSD to schizophrenia and other more serious mental issues. Are you at risk?

To fight your way back to peace and contentment you must first understand what is happening in the brain and why. Information that provides data such as low dopamine levels allows you to understand why you or your loved one is seeking drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy behaviors.

The addiction epidemic is spread throughout the nation. We see it all too often on the news, in movies, and unfortunately even in our own homes. Knowing and understanding what your genetic test results say about you, your children, and other loved ones will provide you with the armor to protect yourselves.

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By Ric S Kolluri
CEO & President, BitCare