Radio Frequency Body Contouring Treatment in Frisco, Texas

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How does it work?

(RF) Radio Frequency Body Contouring raises the skin’s temperature to over 104 degrees, which tightens the skin and improves the contours of the target area while safely and comfortably reducing the appearance of cellulite dimpling and fatty bulges (s). The network of connective fibres that hold the fat cells in place are altered by the RF at the deepest level, drawing the cells closer together to prevent cellulite from protruding and causing the well-known rippling we associate with cellulite. Additionally, RF attacks the fat cells themselves, causing them to contract and shrinking the target area as a result. 

In addition, RF stimulates the body’s own creation of collagen and elastin to reinforce the skin, eliminate laxity, and enhance the physique of the target area while also activating the lymphatic system to assist in the drainage of undesired pollutants. This intense deep heating produces a tighter and more toned body.

Radio Frequency Body Contouring
at BitCare

RadioFrequency Body Contouring tightens the skin, removes fat, and improves tone without downtime or pain. This procedure reduces cellulite, boosts collagen production, and removes fatty deposits. It can also help reduce flabby skin, tighten bingo wings, contour and tighten a post-pregnancy tummy, reduce fine lines and wrinkles (on the face and body), reduce saddle bags and even lift and tighten your bum.

What does it treat?

remove fat

Removes Fat

tighten skin

Tighten Skin

Improve tone

Improve Tone

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Around 3-6 months after your last treatment. 

Before and After

Radio frequency body contouring

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RF contouring can continue for up to six months after radiofrequency treatment.  

After treatment, gently wash your face and carry on with your normal skincare routine. DO NOT rub the skin vigorously. 

There is no downtime. 

Treatments using radiofrequency (RF) are non-ablative and painless. A tingling sensation is possible.