January 2022

BitCare launches its Telemedicine services

Virtual care

BitCare, a startup focused on health and wellness, has launched its own telehealth program to provide patients with affordable, efficient, and accessible healthcare. As the pandemic created a surge in telemedicine, BitCare joined in on the substantial spike to provide patients with convenient access to Licensed Nurse Practitioners and doctors physicians to help guide them through various symptoms and conditions related to COVID-19, cold/flu, nausea, dizziness, seasonal allergies, asthma, and much more.

“Comfort and convenience are the top benefits of telemedicine as a patient wouldn’t have to drive to the doctor’s office, or clinic, or sit in a waiting room,” said Poonam Gupta, lead Licensed Nurse Practitioner with BitCare Telehealth. “With telehealth, a patient may not even have to take time off from work or worry about childcare. An additional benefit is that there is no exposure to other people’s germs which helps prevent the spread of COVID-19, the flu, or other infectious diseases, especially to those who are chronically ill, pregnant, elderly, or immunocompromised.”

According to a new report from McKinsey & Company, after an initial increase of up to 32% early in the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth use for physician offices and outpatient visits have stabilized, ranging from 13% to 17%. Even with the drop, telehealth use is still 38 times higher than before the pandemic.

“Telehealth provides easier medical access for patients, and I feel it will certainly improve primary prevention for many chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease,” said Dr. Jason Finkelstein, Medical Director with BitCare Telehealth. “Medical schools should incorporate telehealth moving forward. So many young physicians today are so comfortable with digital media, therefore, it makes complete sense to have medical students learn how to interact and treat patients through telehealth.”

Although the COVID-19 pandemic was the initial reason for the launch of the BitCare’s Telehealth initiative, will be very much tech savvy and will want to save time and money. “COVID-19 has transformed especially with telemedicine and it certainly accelerated the adoption of telemedicine,” said Ric S. Kolluri, President and CEO of BitCare. “Imagine the time it takes for a busy single mom to take out time from work to take her child to the doctor and wait up to 45 minutes for the doctor to see them. There is a lot of time that becomes wasted throughout that whole process. We want to transform this process and create convenience, accessibility, and fast response time through our telehealth program. Our robust telehealth program coordinates mobile laboratory testing, X rays/EKG, and the delivery of medications to the patient’s home. A one stop solution for acute medical care from the comfort of your home.

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