February 2022

BitCare goes live on Channel 4 News
LittleRock, AR

BitCare Medical Center is a multispeciality health and wellness clinic located in Hensley, AR. Lauren Thomas, Family Nurse Practitioner from BitCare Medical Center participated in the live show hosted by Channel 4 News elucidating the variety of health and wellness services offered by BitCare Medical Center.

BitCare focuses not just on the symptoms but also on the root cause identifying the ultimate reason for your sickness and offers the appropriate care you require. One of the main treatment ways that sets BitCare apart is the IV vitamin and injection therapy treatment. In the IV vitamin and injection therapy treatment, you are treated with the IV vitamins and injections tailored according to your need. This fulfills the vitamin meter of your body which you may fail to satisfy through your regular diet.

BitCare also offers multiple DNA testing kits through which you can identify the best diet, exercise,  or sport and you can test your risk for addiction, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, ALS and Opioid based on your DNA structure. These testing kits are easy to handle. You can either extract the sample using a swab or a finger prick and mail the sample to BitCare Medical Center. In a week from us receiving your sample, you will be created a Big O profile in the mail. You can verify and discuss the results of your DNA test with BitCare providers.