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How does it work?

The sebaceous glands only slightly react when the IPL light is absorbed by the haemoglobin, which heats the area. It will reduce oil production, which will cause acne and enlarged pores. It deeply penetrates the skin, warming overactive sebaceous glands and decreasing sebum production. In addition to producing new collagen, the IPL Treatment will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and scarring. 

IPL Acne Clearance at BitCare

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy offers acne sufferers a non-drug, simple, and effective alternative without the side effects associated with drug treatment. The sebaceous glands, which are acne’s primary cause, are treated without downtime using IPL acne therapy. The IPL system is FDA-approved for the treatment of acne. 

What does it treat?


Wrinkles between eyebrows


Wrinkles around the eyes


Horizontal creases on the forehead


Lip enhancement




Fine lines

A person undergoing LED light therapy treatment, with colorful lights gently illuminating their face.


The initial effects of an IPL procedure can be seen for a year during the treatment. You may only require three 20 to 60-minute sessions to achieve your goals. 

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An average treatment session lasts for about 15-35 minutes. 

IPL can treat acne-related discolouration but is ineffective in treating acne that endures. Since the pigment is much deeper and permanent, it is also ineffective for removing wrinkles. 

There is no downtime for this treatment. 

It is okay to wash your face the night before your treatment as long as you use a gentle cleanser and warm water.