After months of quarantine and remaining confined in homes, many individuals and families are looking at the prospect of travelling to boost spirits and take advantage of days off. However, many are worried about the detrimental effects of travelling during the pandemic and how they would stay protected during their ventures. 

Though travelling may not be the best option currently with the Delta variant spreading rapidly, there are several practical ways to visit new places while still remaining safe. Let us delve deep into how to travel to other countries during the pandemic, safely.

What Should You Do to Prepare?

The ground rule to travel to other countries during the pandemic is to be fully vaccinated before you board a plane, to protect yourself and the passengers around you. If you are not fully vaccinated, travelling may not be in your best interest.

Furthermore, it is always best to make sure that the country, state, or city that you plan to visit is handling COVID-19 well and has frequent vaccination or mask mandates in public areas. Some popular areas that are relatively safe to visit currently are Antigua, Barbuda, Bermuda, and Romania. 

If you are planning to travel to a location that has been hit hard by COVID-19 and is currently experiencing surges in cases, make sure to spend the majority of your stay in “safe zones” that practice mask-wearing, social distancing, and require vaccinations. Places that utilize these precautionary measures include many restaurants, retail locations, and hotels.

Insurance Precautions

Due to the unpredictability of the global COVID-19 situation, it is always important to have health and travel insurance to ensure that you are protected no matter what happens.

Not all current travel insurance plans take COVID-related issues into account, so travelling overseas usually means that you should procure a plan that covers COVID-related cancellations and medical expenses. According to Forbes, some insurance providers that have excellent plans are: Cat 70, HTH Worldwide, Tin Leg, and USI Affinity which all provide a COVID medical coverage of 500k per person and COVID-19 cancellation coverage of 100% of the trip’s cost.

If you are looking to pursue only health insurance, Aetna and AFLAC are excellent options. Aetna has said that they are waiving member cost-sharing connected to COVID-19 vaccinations for Commercial and Medicaid members and are extending a number of cost-sharing waivers to make COVID-19 aid and recovery much easier. AFLAC is curating similar plans and is working closely with COVID-19 relief organizations as well.

Before you travel to other countries during the pandemic, it is advisable to research thoroughly about the place, the restrictions and the insurance availability. Along with that do not forget to carry loads of masks, hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes.

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