Hormone Replacement therapy for Men in Plano

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Increase your T levels with custom Hormone therapy according to your body needs

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men at BitCare

Your testosterone levels may decline as you grow old. Hormone replacement therapy helps increase your testosterone levels thus improving your muscle mass, and energy levels helping you feel stronger and more confident. 

Procedure length

15 Min

Recovery Time




How does it work?

Testosterone pellets work by releasing testosterone in small quantities over several months. A doctor will implant these pellets under your skin, near the hip, or on the buttocks. First, the doctor will thoroughly clean the area where they plan to implant the pellets. They will then administer a local anaesthetic before making a small incision in the skin and using a tool called a trocar to insert about ten pellets. 

What does it treat?

Boost libido

Increase muscle mass

Sharpen memory

Bump up energy

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The amount of testosterone in your body decreases as a result of hormone therapy, which has an impact on your capacity to achieve and sustain erection. After the treatment is over, this can become better in three to twelve months. Some men have ongoing erection issues. The answer is dependent upon the medication you're taking and how long you've been using it. 

No, it is not advised to consume alcohol while taking the Hormone Therapy.

Because erectile dysfunction medications like sildenafil (Viagra) don't address the loss of libido (sexual desire) linked to a shortage of androgens, they typically don't work for men receiving hormone therapy. 

HRT could be something you consider anywhere from your mid-20s to your late 40s or so. Ultimately, the best age for HRT is whatever age that you personally need it. 

HRT is needed when both testicles have been removed or, rarely, when the remaining testicle does not produce sufficient testosterone. The signs of a low level of testosterone include a reduction in body hair, (e.g.: beard growth), lethargy, problems achieving or maintaining an erection, a low sex drive and a low mood. 

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