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How does it work?

The dermal papilla and mature stem cells, known as hair follicular stem cells (HFSCs), are found in hair follicles (DPCs). The two types of hair loss change as a result of alopecia. In addition, it has been discovered that exosome injections can hasten the growth phase or Anlagen transition of hair. Interestingly, the tissue around the hair can also affect the hair cells; fat around the hair usually promotes hair growth.

Exosomes at BitCare

Exosomes are an advanced form of stem cell therapy that encourage your stem cells to produce growth factors instead of using actual stem cells. Since they cannot cause autoimmune or allergic reactions, they are less dangerous than essential stem cells. They are such tiny particles that even a minor skin wound can allow them to enter the skin and exert local and systemic effects through the bloodstream.

What does it treat?

Hair growth

Hair fall

Microscopic view of exosomes, small vesicles secreted by cells, showcasing their importance in intercellular communication.


Exosome treatment can effectively encourage natural hair growth within two to three months. Up to a year can pass before new hair grows, with the most noticeable effects frequently beginning six months after treatment begins.

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Exosomes cannot evoke an immune response and cannot contract bacteria or viruses. Therefore, Exosome injections for hair growth are thought to be safe. 

Exosome injections don’t require any downtime. After the procedure, you can resume your regular activities.

  • Growth factor proteins in exosomes encourage your body’s stem cells to heal damage by promoting their activity. 
  • Stimulates the growth of blood vessels to regenerate hair follicles. 
  • Reduces inflammation by stimulating white blood cell function. 


You can expect noticeable hair growth to begin within 3-5 weeks. However, we have seen results in as little as two weeks. 

Transporting materials between cells is one of the ways exosomes support the repair of damaged tissues.