Dermaplanning treatment in Plano

For a flawless looking skin

Dermaplaning is an innovative new manual exfoliating procedure that instantly offers you skin that is bright, dewy, and fresh-looking. 

How does it work?

During a facial, the top layer of skin is carefully scraped away with a surgical grade scalpel to remove oil, peach fuzz hair, and trapped debris, leaving the face radiant, dewy, and very soft. 

The aesthetician will first cleanse and dry your skin before gently pulling it taught in preparation for the scraping procedure. Throughout the course of the therapy, quick strokes at a 45-degree angle are used. As noted earlier, this simple procedure involves no downtime and just takes 30 minutes.

Dermaplanning at BitCare

The ultimate “fast fix” procedure, dermaplaning takes about 30 minutes. Utilizing a surgical grade scalpel, the top layer of dull, dead skin and fine hair is gently scraped off using this process of thorough exfoliation. Your skin is immediately radiant and has a glow that can’t be achieved with at-home exfoliating. 

What does it treat?



Dull Skin


Fine lines


The results from Dermaplanning are immediately visible. A thorough exfoliation treatment can remove up to two weeks’ worth of dead skin and its effects last for about three weeks. 

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