Five things that you can stay protective in this quarantine season.


The first thing you can do is Organize.That you many of us might have email boxes that use
to scroll,and for different subscriptions that you might goes for different files on your computer  or painting, classics, there are so many things which is organize this time to will help these to be protective.


The second thing you can do is Declutter. As you are organizing, you are going to raw draw these trolls, classics, paintings you can find the lot of things that you might not hears. It will be good idea to start tutoration files something you can take with the pointing and you can donate somewhere with things that, you know what the tutorial is.

Spend an Hour and Learn

The third thing you can do is spend an hour and learning something. This may done through online courses, Books, Part Class i know ritatalks is really good to just learn lots of contaberics in certain time, something even us  fast learning into language in to daily basis. Just select your consistency working and might learning something.

Tackle One Big Thing

The fourth thing you can do in this quarantine season is to Tackle One Big Thing. It could be something that Changing the common vie, in kitchen, any kind big project preparing to extract business. may be taking this time to wide our business a little everyday to words if you even looking into the painting to work.

Self Care

The fifth thing is to spending some time to Self Care. This can be many extreme to people. but if still spending some time to your self and looking into yourself, It can be working, meditation, prayer, taking face mask, music anything that focus on you during this time.

The Summary of the Session 

  • Organize
  • Declutter
  • Spend an Hour and Learn
  • Tackle one Big Thing
  • Self Care