Here are 5 Ways to Help You Cope Up with Stress Effectively.

The constant bombardment of COVID-19 from the news to social media and its far-reaching implications has triggered a wide range of thoughts and feelings in every one of us. The impact of this pandemic on our day-to-day life and social interactions has been unrelenting. According to mental health experts, feeling worried Slot Online Yang Sering Kasih Jackpot and anxious is a natural response in the face of a significant challenge like this. However, how we deal with this stress and anxiety can certainly alter our thoughts and actions positively and have significant effects on our mental and physical health. Here are 5 easy ways that will help you cope up with stress during this crisis.

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions

Every morning, take a moment to understand and appreciate the opportunities and blessings you are blessed upon at this time. Be grateful to be able to wake up every morning and spend quality time with your loved ones. Value and cherish each moment and be grateful for it. You can also maintain a gratitude journal or simply list the things you are grateful for in your notes. Know that small acts of gratefulness can uplift you and also make a difference for others around you.  This gratitude exercise each day will heighten your energy levels, decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

Your feelings are valid and that’s okay

Acknowledge your feelings and don’t feel bad for having them. You are not alone in this. It’s okay to feel isolated, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and unsettled. Tell yourself that you are doing the best to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and safe and this hard time will be over soon. Find positive ways to express your feelings by indulging in mood-uplifting activities.

Seek accurate, evidence-based information

Research and knowledge can help deal with stress. Ever since the new coronavirus sprang its roots from Wuhan City, China to different parts of the world, a lot of information is circulating both on television and social media platforms. Most of this news tends to be incorrect, partly correct or misinformed which is heightening stress and also inducing panic. Seek for valid information from experts only and limit your media exposure to avoid yourself from stressing out and being on high alert all the time.

Invest time in the things you like

The best thing you could do right now is to focus on the actions that are in your control. Invest your time in doing the things you like. Engage in creative activities, such as painting or crafts. Just breathe and relax your mind and body. Meditate or exercise and attempt to make a routine. Make most of this time by watching movies, reading a book, playing indoor games with your family. Nature has allowed you to do the things that you wanted to do but could not manage during your hectic work schedule. But remember to be productive because productivity gives you a sense of achievement that instantly induces happiness and in return de-stresses you. This will also help you focus and shift your attention from the chaos to the important task at hand.

Stay Connected. Social distancing does not mean social disconnection

Maintain your social connections via social media, telephone, e-mail and video calling. Reach out to your family and friends to stay socially connected. Spread positivity by sharing motivating and hopeful stories and help others to stay positive in this hard time. Staying connected to our loved ones is vital to our happiness and mental and physical well-being.