Bitcare Provides Safe COVID-19 Testing, Assistance and Medical care.

Bitcare is now offering high-priority and safe COVID-19 testing and is launching a user-friendly, very informative and interactive app to help first responders. This app aims to effectively provide assistance and medical care to the first responders by identifying and educating them about their symptoms, and also scheduling their COVID-19 testing appointment if needed. The app includes trustworthy and evidence-based information, reliable research kits and scheduling safe and convenient testing sessions.

We at Bitcare are trying our best to ensure your health and safety by designing crucial tools and providing services that protect and care for our patients during this crucial time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It makes us delighted and pleased to be able to offer a convenient first aid app and safe testing and wants to extend our gratitude to the frontline workers whose continuous support and tireless efforts have made it possible and facilitated all of us during the outbreak.

Providing Answers to People and Online Doctor Consultation.

This app under the leadership of head staff from Bitcare will provide answers for the people who are busy serving the community during the crisis. This technology is sure to ease the burden and share the responsibility of the frontline workers and help keep others informed through authentic and reliable sources of information.

Attend the  COVID-19 Test by filling Questionnaire.

The responders will complete a simple questionnaire about their symptoms, social interaction with others, chances of being exposed to the virus and their medical history on the app. Based on the provided information, the app will come up with results and suggest if testing is needed. First responders do not necessarily have to be Bitcare patients to access the testing. All the provided information will be securely stored in the responder’s device. The responders have the right to choose their information with the doctor or keep it confidential.

Bitcare Connects You to the Health Care Providers

Bitcare wants to assure you all that you have our constant unwavering support during this hard time and we will be extending help to you in any way we can. We will be connecting you to your health care providers just in a few clicks and making this whole experience a lot better for you and your family.

First responders are the people who are out serving our community and continue to be exposed to the people infected with the COVID-19 virus such as grocery store clerks, health care providers, firemen, and other public service personnel.