Camouflage Tattoo for Buttocks in Frisco, Texas

Say goodbye to your stretch marks!

Stretch marks are camouflaged during this process by using flesh-colored pigment to make them disappear into your skin tone.

How does it work?

On your first session, we will carefully choose pigments that will match your skin tone and combine them in a way that will avoid colour alteration. Then, using a needle instrument akin to that used for applying semi-permanent makeup, this pigment is introduced into the skin. A tiny area is used for a colour match test to see how the pigment absorbs into the skin; full healing can typically take up to 60 days.

You will then return to the clinic where you will have your first complete session. After combining the chosen colours, we’ll start treating you. To get the best effects, you might require a few treatments every 60 days, perhaps 2-3.

Camouflage Tattoo for Buttocks at BitCare

With the aid of medical camouflage, we can cover up scars from prior surgery, accidents, or stretch marks. Although we support loving your body and taking pride in your stretch marks, we do recognise that sometimes it might get to some people.

Micropigmentation is a process used in the medical camouflage technique. In order to restore the colour and hide scars or stretch marks, pigments are carefully chosen and blended to fit your surrounding skin tone and introduced into the deeper layers of skin using a needling device. Please be aware that the goal of this surgery is to conceal stretch marks and scars rather than to erase them.

What kind of stretch marks or scars can you treat?

It is crucial that the stretch marks or scars are flat and lighter in colour than the surrounding skin. The scars or stretch marks must be “healed” and often older than two years. Red stretch marks and scars are not acceptable as this shows incomplete healing of the scar or stretch mark.

If they are inflamed, MCA needling sessions could be helpful to gradually lighten or soften the scars or stretch marks. Prior to the injection of pigment, some clients may need 2-3 sessions of MCA needling; we may advise you during your appointment.

A close-up image of a syringe injecting medication into a vein.
A doctor injecting sclerotherapy into a patient's leg vein.


Similar to other methods of pigment insertion like microblading or semi-permanent makeup, this operation is classified as permanent. However, because the pigment is greatly diluted to match skin tones, we often advise it lasting between 3 and 7 years. According to immune systems, sun exposure, adherence to aftercare, and normal healing, the colour will gradually diminish over time and vary from person to person.

Try Camouflage Tattoo for Buttocks at Frisco, Texas

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This procedure is not painful.

It is permanent because this is an actual tattoo. All tattoos undergo gradual changes due to ageing, sun exposure, and lifestyle. Some tattoos will require a touch-up every 3-5 years.

Most people will require two treatments. It covers both the initial and subsequent treatments. A patient may require up to four treatments in some cases.

There is very little downtime after the initial treatment; for instance, you won’t be able to shower that evening or work out for two weeks.