It is a Scientific fact that spending time and interacting with nature is not only enjoyable but also helps to boost our mental condition. Along with adding beauty and comfort to our homes, indoor plants improves your mental and physical well-being in ways you wouldn’t believe. Below are 4 scientifically proven benefits of indoor plants on our mental health.

They are therapeutic

As per the American Horticultural Therapy Association, plants can control anxiety, control stress levels, improve focus, and help develop a sharp memory. Although horticulture therapy has been in practice for a longtime, modern medical clinics are prescribing potted plants to patients with depression and anxiety.

They make you more creative and productive:

Plants help increase the level of creativity. Multiple studies show that plants when used in workspace improves creativity and productivity.  A research by environmental psychologists shows that, the environments that connect people with nature have improved cognitive performance, stress level and creativity than others.

They Improve your concentration and memory:

Plants have calming nature. It increases a person’s ability to focus on the task in hand. Plants like Rosemary improves your circulation to the brain and thus boosts memory. Having oxygenating plants like aloe vera, ferns, bamboo and spider plants can help you have a fresh environment around you.

They reduce feelings of anxiety and depression:

The bacterium called mycobacterium which is found in plant soil helps to release serotonin which helps reduce anxiety and depression. Also, indoor gardening suppresses sympathetic nervous system activity thus promoting relaxed, natural feelings.